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TFC finishes major dining hall renovations in time for the school year.
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Over the summer of 2015, TFC began a major renovation of the dining hall. As part of the contract agreed upon by Toccoa Falls College and Chartwells, TFC’s new food service provider, approximately $1 million went toward renovating the dining hall space located in the Student Center. Chartwells joined TFC in August 2014 and added to the students’ dining experience through their food quality and presentation. Along with the operational philosophy of Chartwells, Toccoa Falls College is aiming to provide faculty, staff, and students an experience that promotes an “eat, learn, live” outlook.


Quality dining is a critical element for promoting a healthy foundation for student success. Toccoa Falls College is committed to providing the finest and highest quality foods for its students. In this new renovation, seating and table changes include a variety of high tops, bar tops, soft seating, and communal options. There are spaces for groups to sit and have conversations as well as spaces for more quiet, one on one conversations or study time. The flooring  completely changed from the old tile to aesthetically work within the overall design. Food preparation stations were incorporated in and amongst the seating area. Some walls have been relocated with a variety of finishes to complement the whole design. New food preparation equipment was purchased to make the entire space shine.

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