The Intramural Sports program at Toccoa Falls College seeks first and foremost to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ through the activities and services provided. The purpose of the Intramural Sports program is to provide multiple opportunities to students, Faculty, and Staff to have fun in competitive athletic events.

Intramurals are a great way for people to get to know one another and to interact. It provides a time for fun competition in a Christian environment. Individual Recreational Activities are great way for people to get involved with physical activity on their own time and in their own way. Athletic events also provide life-long physical and health benefits.

The Intramural Sports Program has three goals to help accomplish its purpose: increase participation, increase activities, and increase communication.

The Intramural Sports program hopes to be a successful in creating a variety of fun, competitive activities for the entire campus body. Through these events we hope to allow opportunities for people to engage in beneficial physical activity, have fun, meet new people, and relax.

Fall Seasons:
Coed Soccer, Football (men’s and women’s), Coed Ultimate Frisbee, Men’s Racquetball

Spring Seasons:
Coed Volleyball, Basketball (men’s and women’s), Co-ed Softball, Men’s Wiffleball,
Coed Beach Volleyball (Saturday’s).

Dodgeball, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Beach Volleyball, Spikeball, 3 on 3 Basketball, and Tolf.

Toccoa Falls College has partnered with IMLeagues to bring students a fluid and organized way of creating teams and joining leagues within the TFC intramurals program. Simply click the IMLeagues link below and select Toccoa Falls College in the drop-down menu to get started.

How to enter a league

How to Register on IMleagues:
1. Access IMleagues via http://www.imleagues.com/School/Home.aspx?SchID=20675c7210c74aeb8c5e5c7ff3d0c182
2. Log in using your TFC Email and password
3. If this is your first time accessing the IMleagues website, please create an account using your TFC email.

How to sign up for an intramural sport:
1. Log in to your IMleagues.com account (see above)
2. Move your cursor over the Register button at the top right of your User Homepage.
3. Choose between the 3 options on the dropdown box that represents what you would like to register for.

  •  “Create Team”, “Join Team”, or “Join as Free Agent”.

4. The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you wish to join.
5. Please make sure you are eligible for the league you select. You can read more about the guidelines for each league in the “Handbook for Procedures and Policies” form in “Handbooks and Manuals” page on IMleagues for Toccoa Falls College.
6. Choose the league that you would like to participate in.

Teammates can be added to the roster in one of three ways:

1. Create a team (For team captains)
Captains can invite members to join their team by clicking the “invite members” link on the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be added to the team roster.

  • If they have already registered on IMLeagues: search for their name and invite them
  • If they have not yet registered on IMLeagues: scroll down to the “invite by email address” box and input their email address.

2.  Join a team
An individual may join a team by

  • Use the “Register” button at the top right of every page
  • Accepting a request from the captain to join his/her team
  • Finding the team and captain name on the division/league page and requesting to join
  • Going to the captain’s player card page, viewing his/her team, and requesting to join

3. Join as a Free Agent
You can list yourself as a free agent in as many leagues as you’d like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams or port information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team. Joining as a free agent does NOT guarantee you a spot.