Complaint Policy

Student Concern and Complaint Policy (from the Student Handbook)

We recognize that from time to time students may have concerns or complaints regarding a policy, experience, or decision. Toccoa Falls College wishes to provide a clear and efficient way for these concerns or complaints to be presented to the proper office on campus. The following is a listing of common concerns and the appropriate office to direct comments to:

  • Academic Concerns = Office of Academic Affairs
  • Billing or Financial Aid Concerns = Student Accounts Office
  • Housing Issues or roommate concerns = Director of Housing and Residence Life
  • Parking, safety or security concerns = Director of Campus Security
  • Meal plans or food service concerns = Division of Student Affairs/ Chartwells
  • Racial or Sexual Harassment = Division of Student Affairs or Human Resources
  • General Concerns = Division of Student Affairs

If students are not certain where to go or how to go about issuing a complaint, appealing a decision, or seeking to promote change of a given policy, they are advised to bring any such issue to the Division of Student Affairs. When possible, Student Affairs will direct student to the appropriate office. When concerns can be resolved quickly, no formal record needs to be made. Students can choose to submit a formal written complaint with the Division of Student Affairs at any time by completing a “Student Complaint” form located jin the Student Forms Online section of myTFC. Students may also issue an informal complaint without a written record in instances¬† where they simply want advice or direction on dealing with a concern or complaint. When concerns or complaints are first presented by a student’s parent, parents will be asked to encourage their student to present the concern or complaint or write the appeal. Records of formal student complaints and resolutions will be kept by the office receiving the formal complaint.

Note: Students are advised to review the TFC Student Handbook regarding appeals of student discipline and the TFC Academic Catalog for academic appeals.

Public Complaint Form (SACSCOC)

Public Complaint Policy (SACSCOC)

Executive Order for Public Complaints (Executive Order State of Georgia)

State of Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission