Student Organizations

The college experience extends outside of classroom and into campus life. With many student clubs and organizations on campus, there is always something happening at TFC!

Toccoa Falls College provides many opportunities to foster community in  a variety of learning environments.  Getting involved helps develop the whole student in areas of social, physical, mental, and emotional development.

Student organizations on campus include:

American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

The AACC exists to provide additional opportunities for further development within counseling and psychology arenas. The members of this club will be challenged to learn, experience, and glean from an integrative framework of both Biblical truth and practical counseling with the overarching desire to help members pursue excellence in their own counseling practice.

Atlanta Outreach Ministry (AOM)

AOM seeks to impact lives through methods of lifestyle and friendship evangelism in the Atlanta community. By building into lives, AOM aims to share the gospel message and to exemplify the purity of God’s love for all. One of our primary ministry strategies is to purposefully initiate contact and remain faithful in maintaining relationships.

Drama Club

The Drama Club will engage the general public through production and performance of plays and other drama related events in order to enhance artistic awareness in the community and strengthen the college/community relationship. This club will seek to train members in the dramatic arts through educational events and practical applications.

Hmong Student Fellowship (HSF)

HSF is an organization made up of students interested in the Hmong community. This club reaches out to the Hmong churches around the United States. Our goal is to encourage believers, promote Toccoa Falls College, and deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those we come in contact with.

International Student Association

The TFC’s International Student Association (ISA) exists to provide a healthy environment in which multicultural individuals are encouraged socially and spiritually in their transition process while at TFC by others who have gone before them. At the same time, ISA also aims to foster greater cultural awareness within the TFC community, by inspiring our peers to love God more and to celebrate the diversity of mankind–each made in His image.

Married Student Association (MSA)

MSA assists the college by providing a network in order to support and encourage married students and to provide opportunities for married students to interact and invest in the college, its participants, and the surrounding community.

Martial Arts Club (MAC)

The martial arts club exists to minister to students giving them a new avenue to build and maintain healthy bodies and provide a safe environment to be encouraged by others in their goals. It also exists to provide a challenge that is both mental and physical by involving participants in learning new movements and stretching them to new limits physically.


Outdoor Club

The purpose of the Outdoor Club is to promote outdoor activities in a moral and Christian atmosphere for all who wish to participate. Activities include hiking, camping, caving, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and rock-climbing.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club exists to provide students with the opportunity to gain higher understanding and wisdom of things both Godly and worldly through the engagement of their minds in discussion and experiences while in fellowship with others, and to be able to apply this understanding and wisdom to their lives

Pre-Med Association

The purpose of the pre-med association is to aid fellow pre-med students in the goal of achieving and pursuing a career in medicine. This includes but is not limited to MCAT resources, AMCAS assistance, spiritual support, and to offer available resources as potential volunteer experiences related to the field of medicine and physician shadowing.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association and its activities are an important part of the educational and social program and can be an opportunity for valuable leadership experience. It serves as the official liaison between the faculty, administration, and the student body. All students are encouraged to participate in this balanced program of activities.

Student Missions Fellowship (SMF)

SMF, composed of all college students, meets each Wednesday evening to give reports on the work of former students and other missionaries and to pray for these servants of the Lord. Representatives of many missionary organizations actively engage in the program of the Student Missions Fellowship. In addition, prayer bands meet weekly to support various missionaries.

Students of Diversity (SOD)

This student organization promotes change that unifies the student body, sharing the goal of building community, fellowship, and relationships that exalts our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by planning and promoting programs on a spiritual, academic, and social level.

Women’s Intentional Ministry (WIM)

WIM exists to go beyond the surface to deeper issues to discover, confront, and begin the process of healing. Their desire is to open the doors of communication and be a safe haven and a heart of encouragement to the women of Toccoa Falls College. To assist in development and growth WIM provides accountability, resources, referrals, education, and support to all interested women.