Campus Ministries

Barnabas Groups

Barnabas Groups are small groups of students, staff and faculty who commit to gathering weekly around campus for the purpose of accountability, encouragement, and prayer.

Campus Prayer Room

TFC has a specific room set aside on campus where individual students and student groups can find a quiet and conducive place for prayer. Student prayer leaders schedule days for concentrated prayer efforts and the student body is invited to come together on their knees.


Many professors choose to begin class by praying for individual students and others in the college community. Professors also work hard to integrate faith and learning throughout the educational experience.

Local Church

Participation in the local church is essential to the spiritual growth and maturity of every member of the body of Christ. Each of us has been given unique talents and spiritual gifts which God has intended for us to share in the edification of his followers. While our faith in Christ is deeply personal, it is never private. We were made for community and sharing in the life of the local church is a crucial aspect of the Christian life. Towards this end the office of Spiritual Formation has information available to students on a number of local churches which represent a great number of denominations and traditions. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Music/Ministry Teams

Talented students at TFC use their abilities to impact people’s lives through music. From classical ensembles to contemporary worship bands, students are active in making music to minister to various groups of people on and off campus. This includes our Worship Arts Teams who lead music in chapel and the Camp Band who travel during the summer and lead at different camps and churches. 

Student Missions Fellowship

SMF is a student organization that meets on Wednesday evening to promote missions work and to inform students how the Lord is working in other cultures.