About Spiritual Life

Students at Toccoa Falls College experience a spiritual formation environment that is intentionally designed to encourage their spiritual growth. The love of Jesus Christ compels us to interact with each other, our community, and our world to ensure that the message of Christ’s love continues to impact people’s lives.

Not only does involvement in ministry make a difference today, it serves as preparation for the student’s career and ministry. TFC acts as the training ground for Christian service where aspiring leaders can learn in a supportive environment, surrounded by those committed to their success. Through a variety of spiritual formation activities on campus, every student has the opportunity to establish the needed foundation in Christ in order to become an effective servant in God’s kingdom.

Our goal at Toccoa Falls College is to build a Spiritual Formation community that will provide an atmosphere that is conductive to spiritual growth. Through corporate worship, personal devotion, small group support, mentored accountability, and practical ministry, students receive a wide variety of spiritual equipping and encouragement. God uses this environment to change lives!