Spiritual Requirements

The mission statement of Toccoa Falls College states that we exist to develop Christian servant leaders. Therefore, students accepted into Toccoa Falls College must show that they meet the following criteria in their spiritual life.

  • The student must have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior at least 6 months before matriculating as a student.
  • The student must demonstrate good Christian character in their lifestyle and attitudes.
  • The student must have abstained from the use of tobacco, alcohol and/or illegal drugs for at least 6 months prior to matriculation.
  • The student must have regularly attended an evangelical church for 6 months prior to matriculation.
  • The student must either agree with or be willing to accept the college’s doctrinal statement and community standards for acceptable behavior.

Admissions Requirements

A student is considered a freshman student if they have 0 to 23 college hours attempted prior to enrolling at TFC. A student who has earned college credit through a joint enrollment program only (i.e. Georgia’s ACCEL Program) is considered a freshman applicant regardless of the number of hours earned through joint enrollment.

Transfer Students
A student is considered a transfer student if they will be transferring 24 or more college level credits from an accredited institution. A student entering Toccoa Falls College from another institution will be on the same academic status as they would have been had they returned to their previous institution. For example, a student eligible to return to their previous school in good academic standing will be offered admission at the same level at TFC their first semester. A student who would have returned on academic probation will enter TFC on academic probation as defined in the TFC catalog.

Students who are applying to TFC with fewer than 24 credit hours earned will need to submit the credentials required for entering freshmen.

Non-traditional Students
A student who has not been enrolled in high school or college for more than five consecutive years will have their academic record evaluated on an individual basis. The SAT and/or ACT requirement may be waived by the Office of Admissions for a student considered to be non-traditional at the sole discretion of the college.

Toccoa Falls College encourages adult learners to pursue higher education at TFC.

Home School Graduates
Toccoa Falls College welcomes applications from students who have been home schooled. Regular admissions policies apply for home school graduates. While transcripts from outside accrediting agencies are preferred they are NOT required. Home school graduates are NOT required to take and pass the GED.


  • Transcripts should be obtained from an accrediting or outside group when possible. If this is not possible, prepare the list of classes and the grades received in each class and mail them to the Office of Admissions. If you need a template, you may download theĀ Transcript Tutorial. Please include the quantitative grading scale (i.e., 90-100 equals A, 80-89 equals B, etc.).

Former Toccoa Falls College Students Seeking Re-admission
The Office of the Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, Student Accounts Department and the Office of Student Development must approve students applying for readmission to the college. The Office of Admissions initiates this process when the former student submits an application for admission. All documents required to complete the admissions file must be submitted.

If a student-on-leave form was submitted prior to the end of the last term of enrollment, the application and testimony forms will not be required for readmission. A student whom the college suspends academically may reapply to continue at the college on academic probation through the Office of Admissions after an absence of one regular semester. A student whom the college dismisses academically may not apply for readmission to the college on academic probation until the student has earned at least 12 semester credit hours of college level work with a 2.0 grade point average at another regionally accredited college.