Online Program Tuition & Cost


*The below fees and tuition costs are for students who are seeking an online degree. Students completing a residential degree or who are a transient student should refer to the correct link listed below for more information about costs.
Residential Degree Students
Transient Students


Application Fee $30 (submitted with application for admission)
Deposit Fee $200
Technology Fee $150
Student Fee $35
Audit Fee (non-credit seekers) $131 per credit hour
Drop/Withdrawal Fee $25 (if dropping after add/drop date)


Tuition Per Semester

Cost Per Credit Hour $305
Cost Per Class (3 Credit Hours) $915
6 Credit Hours (2 Classes)** $1830
9 Credit Hours (3 Classes)** $2745
12 Credit Hours (4 Classes)** $3660

*Students taking 6 credit hours or more may be eligible for financial aid to help with the cost of tuition.
**Students taking more than 12 credit hours should multiply the total hours by $305 to determine the final tuition cost per semester.