School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences prepares students for advanced graduate study, professional schools, seminary, or a variety of careers involving an understanding of human interaction, creativity, consciousness, and the natural world. The diverse disciplines represented are united by the belief that the great ideas of the ages are rooted in, and animated by, God’s truth. In this sense, the school could well be considered the school of non-vocational Christian ministry. You will be challenged to find your special niche in the Kingdom and pursue that calling with excellence.

Every sphere of life today urgently needs committed, qualified, critical-thinking leaders who are also young, energetic, and excited. The School of Arts & Sciences offers vision, educated strategies, and foundational ministry skills for students sensing a call to organizational leadership, the media, law, medicine, professional counseling, seminary, the academy, or the wider professional world.



The Communication Department offers programs of study that emphasize both human interaction and mediated communication. With concentrations in Interpersonal & Public communication and Mass Communication, you are given the opportunity to explore the major areas of communication studies. These programs integrate communication skills and practice with a biblically informed understanding of the Christian worldview. The combination of an understanding of foundational communication theory together with proficiency in communication provides a skill-base sufficient to pursue employment or graduate work with confidence.

Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology department is committed to educating you in the behavioral sciences within a Christian worldview. Knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of human personality are combined in teaching psychology and counseling. Psychology and theology are integrated while retaining priority on evangelical doctrine and biblical authority. Our curriculum will serve you whether your goal is the baccalaureate degree, or as an academic foundation for graduate education.

Humanities & Natural Sciences

The Humanities & Natural Sciences Department serves the entire student body by providing the general core curriculum, teaching students to think creatively and constructively about every area of life based on the biblical worldview. Majors within the department facilitate the practical application of the commandment to love the Lord with our minds in key academic disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences.

Associate of Arts Degree

The Associate of Arts degree provides you, as a future servant leader, with the knowledge, skill, and character pertinent to a junior college degree or future study, from a biblical worldview for kingdom service.