CLEP Information

What is CLEP?

CLEP is the College Level Examination Program that offers students a way of receiving college credit by demonstrating their knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Take a CLEP exam to validate prior course work from an unaccredited institution, advanced high school or extension classes, prior job or work experience, self-study, etc.

What are the costs?

The cost for each CLEP is a registration fee of $20 made payable to Toccoa Falls College and $80 made payable to the College Level Examination Program. The registration fee can be paid online by choosing filling out our Clep Registration Form or choosing Make Payment under Student Accounts. To pay the $80 fee, please set up an account at  The fee must be paid  before the day of the test.  College Board will issue you a registration ticket, which you will present at the time of the test.

What CLEP scores are needed to receive credit at TFC?

CLEP Exam Score TFC Course
Algebra, College 50 MAT 133
American Government 50 POL 213
American Literature 50 AML 213
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 50 LIT 003
Biology 50 BIO 114
Calculus 50 MAT Elective
Chemistry 50 CHM 214
College Composition 50 ENG 113
English Literature (w/o essay) 50 ENG 223
French Language 50 (59) FRN 113, 123 (233, 243)
German Language 50 (63) GRM 113, 123, (233, 243)
History of the US: to 1877 50 HIS 233
History of the US: 1865 to present 50 HIS 243
Human Growth and Development 50 PSY 243
Humanities 50 HUM Elective
Information Systems and Computer Applications 50 CSC 113
Macroeconomics, Principles of 50 ECO 223
Management, Principles of 50 MAN 213
Marketing, Principles of 50 MKT 213
Mathematics, College** 50 MAT 113
Microeconomics, Principles of 50 ECO 213
Natural Sciences 50 SCI Elective
Psychology, Introductory 50 PSY 213
Social Sciences & History 50 SOC Elective
Sociology, Introductory 50 SOC 213
Spanish Language 50(66) SPN 113, 123 (233, 243)
Western Civilization: I 50 HIS 113
Western Civilization: II 50 HIS 123

*ACT English and Reading sub-score of 27 or above or a SAT Verbal score of 600 or above required.
**Recommended for incoming students with an ACT Math score of 24 or above or a SAT Math score of 560 or above.

What are the CLEP exam dates for 2015-2016 at TFC?

Local Residents can register by calling 706-886-6831 ext. 5462

Fall Semester, 2015

From August 24 – December 4

Spring Semester, 2016

From January 19 – May 4

Test Times
Monday through Thursday Afternoons

All CLEP testing must be complete before the end of the sophomore year. All tests are computerized, and are administered in the Center for Academic Success. Space is limited, so register early. The $20 institutional CLEP fee is non-refundable after the registration deadline. Registration deadline for all CLEP tests is one week prior to the test date.

Test items needed:

  • Government issued photo identification
  • Secondary ID with either photo or signature
  • Registration ticket from College Board (CLEP)

What about study materials?

You can visit the CLEP Prep Center at for useful tips on assessing your readiness and preparing for any of the CLEP exams. You can also download individual subject study guides for a minimal fee or the CLEP Sampler for free. You can order the official study guide using a credit card by phone at 1-800-332-7155.