At Toccoa Falls College we have had the same mission since 1907.  That mission is simple. Our mission is: Developing character with intellect.  When we talk about developing character we are speaking about developing Godly character.  In order to provide our college community with some guidance for the development of Godly character we use four cornerstones that include:

Scripture:  We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, authoritative word of God.  As such, the Bible provides all the direction we need to develop Godly character.

Truth:  We believe that there are absolute truths revealed by God. In spite of competing worldviews in our culture today, we understand that God’s absolute truths will always withstand the test of time.

Wisdom:  We understand that the amassing of facts can be pointless without the integration of knowledge and Biblical understanding.  We also realize the importance of seeking God’s wisdom over human wisdom.  True understanding comes from God.

Service:  We clearly understand the Bible makes it clear that we are to serve others both locally and globally.  Our students, faculty, and staff serve our local community, region, state, nation, and support folks in countries all around the globe.

Wondering why TFC? Below, you will find several stories from TFC students that explain how their experiences at TFC have impacted their lives forever.


Jonathan Yang

Jonathan Yang, Senior

Commerce, GA
Pastoral Ministries Major

“I love TFC because of the students and professors. I believe the people make the place and without the students and professors, TFC wouldn’t be the place it is now. I’m a Pastoral Ministries major and I enjoy it so much, because I believe God placed in me a heart to serve others.

To me there is no greater joy than allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me to touch others’ lives in a way that only God can. TFC is a tree planted by God and by His will,  maybe your path may come through here, too.”

Deedee Haileselassie
Deedee Haileselassie, Senior
Biology Major

“I love Toccoa Falls College because it is not just about striving for academic excellence. You will be challenged in the classroom, but you will also be challenged in your walk with Christ–encouraged to discover who you want to be not just what you want to be.

As a Biology major, science tends to be about figuring out how life happens; but at TFC all of your courses are integrated with scriptural truth. As a student at TFC, I have had the privilege to learn from great professors who understand scientific methods but most importantly, they believe in God, the Creator that we all study.

Because of the community that exists at TFC, you will have the chance to get to know your professors on a personal level outside of the classroom and they will invest in you spiritually, not just academically.”

Kelly Sandretzsky, Sophomore
Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia
Family and Children’s Ministry Major

“I chose TFC because of the atmosphere of the campus and I love how you can see God working in the lives of the students. My major is Family & Children’s Ministries and I love how the classes always start out with the professors praying.

The classes are usually small, so you can have more one-on-one time with the professors if you need some extra help. I LOVE Residence Life because you get to grow in Christ TOGETHER! The atmosphere of the dorm is so inviting and you will create friendships that last for years down the road!”

Dylan Charles, Senior
Mount Airy, GA
History Education Major

“I originally chose TFC solely because of baseball. After spending about a semester at TFC, I realized that the school had some amazing things to offer besides baseball. TFC has a great faculty and staff that is willing to work with you and assist you the best way that they can. The thing that I most enjoy about TFC is the community that TFC has. It is something that is really special and unlike any other school. The students demonstrate Christ-like values and care for one another. I am a History Education major, and I really love the Education Department. The professors are great–I feel like I could go to anyone in the Teacher Education Department with anything and they would be willing to help. I feel like I have been truly prepared to go into the teaching profession.

The baseball program here at TFC is something that I have been a part of and enjoyed over the years. The team also demonstrates the community aspect much like the college. The guys on the team are all godly guys and I attribute that to Coach Pollock and the rest of the coaching staff. Coach Pollock does an awesome job managing the team on and off the field. He is a great coach, but how he develops his players into better men is more special than the things he has accomplished on the field.”