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Student Achievement Goals

Student achievement in both residential and online programs at Toccoa Falls College is evaluated utilizing a variety of measures. Those most meaningful to the public are enumerated and disclosed on this web page.


Undergraduate retention rates are determined by comparing the number of students in a given freshman cohort who enroll for the fall semester of the following year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the retention rate for four—year institutions in 2010 was 74.8% for all private institutions and 62.3% for Georgia four—year institutions. The benchmark TFC has set for retention is 65%.


Graduation rate is typically reported as the percentage of students graduating within 150% of normal time (i.e., six years). The national graduation rate average of 4—year private non— profit institutions is 66%. The average graduation rate of TFC’s fourteen closest competitors for admissions is 49.9%. The benchmark TFC has established for graduation rate of its bachelor’s cohort is 50%.


Course completion rates are calculated by comparing the total number of grades issued in a given semester with the total WP (withdrew passing), WF (withdrew failing), and F (failure) grades issued. The national course completion rate for 4—year institutions is 86%. Toccoa Falls College has set a benchmark of 80% for course completion (those completing the term with at least a grade of “D”).


The majors offered by the Teacher Education Department are currently the only ones at Toccoa  Falls College that culminate in a state licensure exam. All Teacher Education Program Completers are required to take the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) required by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). The United States Department of Education’s Title II Higher Education Act uses this assessment in its annual report of pass rates for all teacher preparation programs in order to determine program effectiveness. Currently, an 80% pass rate is required for determining the effectiveness of each program offered.


Achievement Measure TFC Goal Most Recent TFC Data 5-Year TFC Average
Retention Rate 65% 71.2% (2014 for 2013 cohort) 69.70%
Graduation Rate 50% 52.3% (2014 for 2008 cohort) 48.40%
Course Completion Rate 80% 92.8% (2013-2014) 92.90%
GACE Content Assessment(Overall Pass Rate) 80% 82.4% (2014) 91.50%